Sexy Kim Kardashian Munches Out In “SubWay”

When Kim Kardashian is not scarfing down an ice cream cone she makes quick stops at “Subway” and munches out on freshly made, sub sandwiches. Miami is jam packed with them. In fact, there’s probably one in every corner so it’s no wonder Kim Kardashian decided to stop by the popular Sub place for a delicious sandwich. Certainly, it’s healthier than chowing down a gigantic ice cream cone form “Yogurt Land.”

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Kim Kardashian Takes White Kitty To Groomers

Kim Kardashian has been all over the place in Miami as soon as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians members made their way down to Florida. The only place Kim hasn’t been is the groomers, which has now taken the time to head on over for her little white kitty to be groomed. Since Kim has no children she has really taken a liking to this pet of hers. It’s insane! Her good friend Jonathan Cheban came along with Kim to the groomers to drop off the kitty. Check out all the kitty pictures Kim has put up @KimKardashian which is her official Twitter page. Take a look at Kim Kardashian Looks Sexy In All White Outfit to see how she began her morning.

Pictures of Sexy & Young Courtney Stodden

For all you celebrity loving guys you can now officially and openly drool over Courtney Stodden as she is now legal. Yep, you read right, the infamous teenster is now 18 years old. Age is nothing but a number obviously as her husband is 51 year old actor Dough Hutchison, whom she married when she was 16 years old. You never know she might be popping out three kids soon just like Sexy Jennifer Garner did or she can stay slim and sexy like always if she follows in the footsteps of Hot and Sexy Kim Kardashian.