Celeb Book Celebrity, Inc Gives the Inside Scoop

A brand new editorial in the CNN outlined the book How Famous People Make Money. Writer Jo Piazza indicates how celebrities like Snooki are more than just TV personalities but instead are money smart entrepreneurs. Perhaps the reason proclaimed is fanatics. Most of all the Benjamins are blown up by the celeb’s name brand. Considering people are disgusted by these celebrities, whether it be adore or hate, these TV personalities know how to ride that pony and get rich. They even do publicizing for their own brand with parties. When they are old news, they’ve already made their big money. Writer Jo Piazza says that it’s not because they are stupid, but instead because they are smart entrepreneurs. Check out How Famous People Make Money when it comes out for the in depth perspective.

The Most Well-Known Dude Celebrities Of 2012

Men artists, actors and models are always assumed to be built and look simply attractive.  The more handsome they are a lot more babe supporters they can have and everybody knows that female fans will buy and do anything for them. These artists and actors are always in the spotlight and have their family and a lot more discussed about. These men have to make certain that their star quality is consistently good to go and to maintain their female supporters excited. Aside from being handsome these artists and actors are very gifted and proud of their career. Here is a small list of Top Five Most Gifted Guy Artists, Actors & Models Today:

1. David Beckham

2. James McAvoy

3. Jared Padalecki

4. Sam Worthington

5. Ryan Phillippe

Of course there are tons of other dude artists, actors and models that could have been on this small list, but for right now these are our most loved stars. They are absolutely hot to stare at and a lot of girls like their TV shows or music. Do not forget to keep visiting for more entertaining celebrity news!

Weird Celebrity Couples

Failed Celeb Couples

Entertainers always shift around spouses as much as they change their clothes. Very little last for a little while before ending horribly, while others are an absolute disaster from the beginning. Companionship should be looked at absolutely sincere, but for some rationalization lots of entertainers do not or they get into these crazy relationships that is totally no good from the get go. Below are the Top 5 Odd Celebrity Couples Ever:

1. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

2. Mike Tyson and Robin Givens

3. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

4. Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

5. Billie Holiday and Louis McKay

This mini list of celeb couples have either slept with other people, abused and much more to each other. These are the most crazy companionships Hollywood has been exposed to and I can ensure you there are much more insane couples to come. Lets have faith that in the near future actors and actresses will pick their husbands and wives more intelligently.