Ex-Wife Of Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville Embarrassed At Airport

Brandi Glanville is a reality television star of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and is the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian. She is the woman that Cibrian was cheating on with LeAnn Rimes, who was also married at the time to someone else. When Glanville arrived at LAX airport her limo driver was holding up a sign that read “Cibriani” which is first off her ex-husband’s last name spelled wrong, whom she has been divorced from since 2010, and she was completely embarrassed about the entire event. Who can blame her? Check out @BrandiGlanville via Twitter for more information about what she is doing lately. Read about more celebrity gossip at Actor Gary Busey Looks Crazy At LAX Airport.

Heather Cole Adult Sex Tape

Sterling Golden aka Hulk Hogan and Heather Clem sex tape recently caused a stir on the web a week ago and it has achieved an immense amount of amazement. Heather Clem was hitched to Todd Alan Clem who is a popular radio personality who has joined forces with HOWARD STERN. When Todd Alan Clem and Heather Clem were married, Sterling Golden aka Hulk Hogan was the grooms man. On the sex tape it surely proves how Sterling Golden aka Hulk Hogan hammered Heather Clem in her and Todd Alan Clem’s bed chamber. This very fact persuades many of the public to buy that Sterling Golden aka Hulk Hogan and Todd Alan Clem were sharing Heather Clem who was Sterling Golden aka Hulk Hogan’s ex, Linda Hogan’s best friend. Heather Clem was always known to be a quite hot babe that adored taking appealing pictures of herself and putting them on the net. Now we find out that HeatherClem was additionally, a sex kitten which duged being hammered by Sterling Golden aka Hulk Hogan and being photographed while in her sexual escapades.

Right Now Star Couples

Last year was filled with star breakups and divorces which had tons of fans thinking if those in Hollywood know how to obtain a partnership going.There is no desire to think anymore as several of these celebrity partnerships have only been seeing one another for several months, but seem to be deeply in love and respectful of each other. We are positive that these couples will be with each other for awhile!

1. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

2. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

3. Victoria & David Beckham

4. Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

5. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

This year seems to be full of happiness and unions for celebrities. Prepare yourself to look at each and every one of these partnerships in the radios as all eyes will be on them. We will definitely see more from these couples.

Madonna Displays Her Nipple During Show in Turkey

This last weekend, during a show on the MDNA Tour, the queen of pop, Madonna pushed boundaries just like in the early days with a jaw dropping concert in Turkey in which she unashamedly displayed her boob to the audience. Unfortunately, her crude antics has raised criticisms. Tons of her critics have mentioned her antics as a foolish attempt from the queen of pop, Madonna to gain fame yet again as she did back in the days.

Nonetheless, it absolutely turned people off. MADONNA is now gazed upon as a fool. Apparently, MADONNA screwed up. Well, I rest assure that MADONNA should yield from crude ploys.  MADONNA is much too old to be flashing her boob to the audience at a tour like she’s still in her 20′s. The fact is, that it’s nasty. MADONNA cover your boobs!

Top 5 Briefest Famous Unions

Plenty of people are aware of that tons of famous unions commonly do not last for years, but there are a few celeb marriages that only last for two days the most. These celebs on this list should have known better that they were not right for one another before getting married in Vegas or spending money on a enormous expensive wedding ceremony just for viewers. For a unexplainable mind set they felt the need to make a joke of the union and now made history as having the shortest famous unions.

Below is the Top Five Short Term Celeb Unions:

  1. Britney Spears & Jason Alexander
  2. Drew Barrymore & Tom Green
  3. Mario Lopez & Ali Landry
  4. Ethel Merman & Ernest Borgnine
  5. Axl Rose & Erin Everly

I’m certain that lots more celebrities will join this sad list forever. Can’t wait to see what other failed celeb unions will came to past the next several months.


Lady Gaga New Zealand Concert Ends in Injury

Lady Gaga had a concert in New Zealand on 6/10/2012 when a backup dancer moved a metal pole from the performance stage when he accidentally hit Gaga on top of the head intensely tough. What happened at that moment Gaga had bent down to pick up a machine gun prop right before getting bashed. Once the accident happened Gaga wobbled for a few seconds and also touched her head. Gaga slowly walked off the concert stage right after, but shortly returned on stage to finish sixteen more songs. Towards the end of the performance she spoke to the audience and stated “”I want to apologize. I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion. But don’t you worry, I will finish this show.” Earlier this week, Gaga tweets a photo of her face where you can definitely witness the big mark on her right cheek and below her right eye. The songtress also added to the photo, “Emerging from hours of sleep”. It looks like that the songstress will be okay and is recuperate extremely fast from her concussion. A lot of concert goers are impressed that Gaga could complete her New Zealand concert.

Is Beyonce Knocked Up For The Second Time?

Reporters have said that Jay-Z and Beyonce are pregnant with their second baby right now. They already have a several month old baby named Blue Ivy. She is about two months preggo right now and that they are wishing the child is a male. A blabbermouth of a source close to the famous couple told the news that Beyonce will most likely confirm the news by the end of August. The high profile pair have not told lots of family about their pregnancy.

Close friends have also told press that Beyonce has once again began in digesting folic acid pills and everyone knows that those type of pills are only consumed when a chick plans on becoming preggo or is at the moment preggo.  If the famous pair is preggo again, Beyonce will keep on to take time off from her performing schedule. Do you think Jay-Z and Beyonce is preggo again?